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Forest Bath Ritual Kit
Forest Bath Ritual Kit

Forest Bath Ritual Kit

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From our Forest Bath collection, a curated selection of self care items to promote calm, relieve stress, energy clearing and relaxation. 

A ritual is setting aside time and space to clear your thoughts, communicate within and set intentions.  This can be done along with meditation or prayer...Follow your intuition and utilize your kit however you feel called to do.

Makes a lovely gift for yourself or anyone in your life going through any changes or transitions. 

Your kit includes:

Forest Bath Sage Bundle:  featuring beautiful wild flowers, sustainably sourced from family farms in California.  Burn sage in your home, office or any space where you wish to clear the air of negative energies, pollutants and bacteria.

Palo Santo:  From the Palo Santo trees found in Mexico and South America, palo santo has a sweet fragrant scent.  It is burned for energy clearing, healing and spiritual cleansing.  Similar to sage, it can be burned to restore tranquility and calm in your space.

Lemongrass Tea Light

Amazonite:  Promotes inner peace and healing, meditation, balance and relieves stress

Palo Santo Incense:  Burn to cleanse negative energy, and to relieve stress and anxiety.

Created locally in my Colorado studio🏔