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The Art of Forest Bathing | The Forest Bath Collection


Anyone who loves being outdoors can relate to feelings of calm and wellness after spending a day in nature.
This is Forest Bathing...simply spending time outdoors under the canopy of trees, immersing oneself in the forest and soaking in the atmosphere through our senses.  It is essentially nature therapy.





The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as an exercise called shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”). The purpose was to offer a break from tech burnout and to encourage citizens to connect with the outdoors.
 In the 1990s, researchers began studying the physiological benefits of forest bathing, providing the science to support a wide range of health benefits from  decreased stress, improved mood, a variety of mental health benefits, reduced fatigue and feelings of calm and happiness.




 Forest bathing is not just for those who love the outdoors.  This practice can be as simple as walking mindfully in any natural environment and consciously connecting with your surroundings.

 Any natural area or park with trees will work. Look for a quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery, mild weather, fresh air and surroundings with a good smell.

Find a forest, park or nature preserve with wide, gentle walking paths. Or, find trees in an urban park where you can sit and enjoy the environment. The key is to find somewhere you can experience a natural outdoor setting where you will be comfortable and relaxed.


                  Forest Bath Journal


One of our cornerstone collections in the shop is called the

Forest Bath Collection.

We have included gemstone jewelry, sage bundles, custom art clothing and other artisan goods to help promote and sustain the healing benefits of Forest Bathing and nature therapy.


Forest Bath Ritual Kit                                       Be Balanced Bracelet
Forest Bath Soap                                                  Forest Bath Sage Bundle

When you truly connect with nature, you will find yourself in a more joyful, peaceful place. This will allow you to tackle the daily challenges of life more calmly.

Soaking in the atmosphere of the forest has a proven positive psychological and physiological effect on the body and our minds. So, take a walk in the forest, slow down, listen, breathe, touch, observe and smell your surroundings. Let the natural therapy of the nature heal you!



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