My Holiday Cranberry Cocktail Recipe

It's the home stretch to the Holidays.  I am looking forward to slowing down for a bit and catching up on rest and relaxation.

With holiday prep just about wrapped up, it's time to think about giving yourself a break and about what you would really like during this festive time.  After a year like we've had we all deserve to treat ourselves!


Every year I like to pick a special cocktail to enjoy.  Something light and refreshing and also easy to prepare.  I love cranberry anything so this year I decided to come up with a fresh twist on the classic margarita.

I decided the simpler the better and whipped up an entire pitcher so that I'm not constantly up and down creating individual cocktails.  This way it's easy to just top off as needed and relax!

I always turn to clear glassware so the color shows through.  I'm not one for fussy serving pieces and my new set of recycled glass tumblers and pitcher turned out to be the perfect vessel for this drink. 



Another area I simplified this year was with my holiday decorations.  After moving several times since landing in Colorado, I have purged much of the decor I had collected over the years.  

This was the first time in three years I have been able to decorate and it was so fun unpacking and rediscovering my favorite pieces and ornaments that I decided to save.  Now my home is filled with elements that are my absolute favorite finds from many years of being an antique picker.

Here is the recipe card for the holiday cocktail. This will make a pitcher which is about 8 servings.  You could of course cut it down to suit your needs ;)

I decided on a cinnamon and sugar rim for the glasses. This added the perfect touch of earthy spice tones.  I also dropped in a couple of fresh rosemary sprigs right into the pitcher. 

This recipe is actually very versatile and you can suit it to your taste.  It would work great with vodka if you aren't a tequila fan.  You can also substitute white cranberry juice to make a beautiful creamy white cocktail.  The cranberry and rosemary garnish would stand out so beautifully.

It's very simple to make actually which is important for me.  No fussy or difficult to find ingredients...relaxing and getting into the holiday spirit shouldn't stress you out!


I would love to hear from you if you try it out.  

Have a wonderful holiday!

Xx Jackie

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